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Visits to the end-of-life Centres A note about EX International

“May be less expensive than the others”

The Assisted Dying Coalition in the UK has estimated that between 2015 and 2018 a total of 233 UK citizens ended their lives at one of the centres in Switzerland.   That would imply 58 per year.   Of these, approximately 12% used EX International.   That may be an over-estimate and the calculation was, in  any event, done before Pegasos started.

I must report that my efforts to meet with EX International were not a success.  

Their leaders, Mrs Schleiss and Mr Steller responded to my e-mails, were in principle prepared to meet but were not able to do so on any of my suggested dates.   The website, last up-dated in 2019, is an opening page only with no subsequent information.   My request for further details was not answered.

However, this much I can report.   They are based in Bern, about 63 miles from Basel/Mulhouse airport.   They, like Dignitas, ask their members to take a drink rather than to use a cannula.   They handle a significant number of requests from Swiss people, usually in their members’ own homes and they have a significant share of the market in Germany.

They may also be less expensive than the others.   They are largely volunteer-based and say “we can also offer our help to members with a low financial background in individual cases”.

So, if you are potentially terrified by the cost of a Swiss alternative then an e-mail enquiry to EX International could be a sensible move – and could even receive a most helpful reply.   I am sorry that our own website cannot offer much further help about EX International but I should report that Silvan Luley of Dignitas spoke highly of them.

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