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Visits to the end-of-life Centres A note about EX International

“May be less expensive than the others”

The Assisted Dying Coalition in the UK has estimated that between 2015 and 2018 a total of 233 UK citizens ended their lives at one of the centres in Switzerland.   That would imply 58 per year.   Of these, approximately 12% used EX International.   That may be an over-estimate and the calculation was, in  any event, done before Pegasos started.

(“EX International” is not the same as “Exit International”. The latter is the publisher of The Peaceful Pill Handbook and (available in September 2023) Going to Switzerland, a book that covers much of the same ground as this website.)

I must report that my efforts to meet with EX International were not a success.  

Their leaders, Mrs Schleiss and Mr Steller responded to my e-mails, were in principle prepared to meet but were not able to do so on any of my suggested dates.   The website, last up-dated in 2019, is an opening page only with no subsequent information.   My request for further details was not answered.

However, this much I can report.   They are based in Bern, about 63 miles from Basel/Mulhouse airport.   They, like Dignitas, ask their members to take a drink rather than to use a cannula.   They handle a significant number of requests from Swiss people, usually in their members’ own homes and they have a significant share of the market in Germany.

They seek to avoid publicity of all forms, even to the extent of an entry on this website. They prefer you to join as a member when you are still well and are simply making contingency preparations for the future. They much prefer a personal meeting before any final visit to Switzerland. If you respond to their website with a request for membership details, you will be sent a simple registration form which must be returned together with a passport photo. There is no fixed subscription but a donation is requested – I sent 200 euros.

They may also be less expensive than the others.   They are largely volunteer-based and say “we can also offer our help to members with a low financial background in individual cases”.

So, if you are potentially terrified by the cost of a Swiss alternative then an e-mail enquiry to EX International could be a sensible move – and should receive a most helpful reply.   I am sorry that our own website cannot offer much further help about EX International but I should report that Silvan Luley of Dignitas spoke highly of them. At least two other visitors to this website have reported satisfactory dealings.

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