Section 10.6

Planning your visit Your overall costs

“£11,400 is a lot but you won’t have to pay cremation costs in the UK”

These costs are based on the assumption that two people will be flying from Manchester to Basel, that they will hire a car, stay two nights in two separate rooms at a mid-range hotel and that the friend or relative will return home on the evening of the third day.   Their chosen end-of-life Centre will be Lifecircle.

Preparation and assessment (paid in advance)£2,600
Two personal medical consultations£860
Completion of the AVD itself£2,600
Swiss Registry Office fees£440
Cremations and funeral director services£2,150
Swiss VAT at 8%£700
Flight tickets£590
Hotel (2 rooms, 2 nights @ £130 each)£520
Car rental and fuel£450
Meals £290
Currency, cash and exchange costs£200

These figures do not include travel insurance, transport to Manchester airport, airport parking or any specialist transportation that may be required.

£11,400 is a high figure.   The only consolation is that you won’t have to pay funeral or cremation costs in the UK.   The average cost of a UK cremation is currently running at £3,885.   A minimalist cremation service is just £900.

Since this section was written (in June 2022), Lifecircle has announced that it will be closing its books to new members from October 2022 onwards. Therefore, if you are not already a member, you have left it too late. However, if you ARE already a member then you will receive a discount of £600 for every year of your membership to date.

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