Our Funding

It does not cost much to run a website of this kind.   The research, even including the meetings in Switzerland, is not expensive either.   In fact, this whole package of information has been put together for less than £10,000 – and that is the amount that it would cost just one person to use the services that the Swiss centres offer.

Inevitably, though, people will be looking for a hidden motive.   “Who’s really backing them ?”   Nobody.   Our costs have been covered by a very small company, substantially owned by John Watson, and the money has come from the accumulated margins in its balance sheet.

This website does not accept paid-for advertising, sponsorship or commercial finance.

If the website becomes a printed book then some sales should be expected.   We can hardly just give the books away.   But we are a not-for-profit operation and it is our intention to stay that way.