Section 10.2

Planning your visit Which airport?

“Zurich is a Business airport.   Therefore Ryanair and Jet 2 don’t go there”

If you are using Lifecircle or Pegasos then you should think about Basel/Mulhouse airport.   There are direct flights (usually daily) as follows :

Heathrow​British Airways1¾ hours
GatwickEasyjet1¾ hours
ManchesterEasyjet1¾ hours
BristolEasyjet1¾ hours
EdinburghEasyjet2¼ hours

If you are using Dignitas then Zurich airport will be the most convenient.   There are flights from Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and (don’t know why) Newquay. From Heathrow to Zurich, there are no fewer than 28 flights per day.   Although Easyjet is the only “economy” airline with landing slots there, the prices of the main carriers such as BA, Lufthansa or Swiss Air seem not to be much higher.

Consequently, the costs of a flight to Zurich are likely to be a bit higher than those to Basel.   The distance between Basel airport and Forch, where Dignitas is based, is only 70 miles and it is motorway nearly all the way.   Of course, you would need to rent a car for the purpose whereas Forch or any hotel recommended by Dignitas, is likely to be just a taxi ride away from Zurich airport.

Basel airport, or “Basel/Mulhouse” to give it its Sunday name, is an odd place.   It is located on the border between Switzerland and France.   This means it has two exits, one into France and the other into Switzerland.   As soon as you have landed and entered through passport control you will see Switzerland on your right and France on your left.   So you turn right.  Whoops, you’ve forgotten your baggage which is on the carousel near the French exit.   No problem (they’re used to it) you can simply go back to get it and then return to Switzerland to rent your car.   What could possibly go wrong ?

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