The Switzerland Alternative - A user's guide to the Swiss end-of-life centres

Covering UK and Swiss law, the available Centres, how to plan your visit, what to expect, and everything in-between.

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An in-depth, chapter by chapter guide covering everything you need to know to form an informed opinion.

This is not a campaigning website.

Although we agree with the 80% of British people who would now support a change in our laws on Assisted Suicide, that is not our purpose.

We are here simply to provide information – accurate and up-to-date.

Who We Are – The Switzerland Alternative

The content of the website and the guide book is written by John Watson, a former lawyer and MP.

This is not a “business”, simply a voluntary activity. We receive no funding from any source.


Our Purpose

We ardently hope you will not seek to take your own life, either alone or assisted, in the UK. It is dangerous, unlikely to succeed and risks long term side effects from failure.

Nor are we seeking to persuade anyone to visit any of the Assisted Dying Centres in Switzerland. That can only be your own intensely personal decision. However, if you have a settled opinion, taken in sound mind and understandable in the light of your own probable future, then you may well wish to consider the possibilities available to you in Switzerland. If you do, then we hope you find our contents to be helpful.

There is a lot to know.

The Centres’ websites provide full information but nonetheless, it is hard to distinguish the crucial differences. Sometimes, these are very subtle. This guide is simply intended to provide a degree of clarity.

The Centres covered in our user’s guide are:

Ex International

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Section 3

The Law

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Section 4.3

The end-of-life Centres - Main differences between them

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Section 10.6

Planning your visit - Your overall costs

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Section 7

How does your life actually come to an end

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